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Pre-Cut Car Window Tints

Are you looking to tint your ute windows yourself?

Get top-quality pre-cut window tint film delivered to your door, ready for DIY installation.

We supply the highest quality window films that have been precision cut to the shape of your ute’s windows.

Together with full instructions for application, our DIY pre-cut window tint kits are the most convenient way to tint your car yourself in comfort of your home garage.

Colorado ute with ceramic infusion tint - 20 percent
Precision tint kits with our computer cutter

We have perfected our computer-cut window tint kits over 10 years.

With the help of a new high definition scanner and thousands of installations in our own tint shop we have perfected kits that require no trimming or on-the-vehicle adjustments – even the demister tab cutouts are exactly where you need them for a true peel-and-stick installation.

The Best Window Films for DIY Installation

We offer the same choice of professional quality films from the leading window film manufacturers that we have been using instore for over 25 years.


DIY window film installation can be successfully achieved with fantastic cost savings by anyone that can clean glass and apply a sticker, as that is essentially what window tint is – a large transparent sticker.

Our $75 Rayno Phantom S5 would normally cost around $300 installed by a competitive window tint shop, Our $95 Rayno Phantom S7 film sells for around $350 and our $149 Rayno Phantom S9 film sells for $499+. 


DIY window tint installation is recommended only for Utes as their flat rear window does not require heat moulding (shrinking). We do have kits for sedan, hatch, and SUV’s but the installation usually requires the installer to be able to heat mould(shrink) the rear screen. This is an advanced technique so worth doing your research first.

Our entire film lineup is now totally ceramic. Ceramic films are the latest technology offering higher heat reduction, blacker appearance, and are signal friendly so will not reduce cell phone or GPS reception within the vehicle and will not interfere with the vehicles electronics.

Window Tint Kits FAQs

No, unfortunately the curved rear window on most sedans requires a high level of training and specialised equipment to fit. Since we can’t offer support for these more difficult installations, we do not sell pre-cut film for these cars.

If you’re looking for film for a vehicle with a flat rear window that is not on our list of models, please feel free to contact us.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail. All our tint kits are precision-cut for your specific car and checked for defects before being sent to you. If, however, you spot a problem with the film you receive, please get in touch with us asap, and before removing the backing sheet. We cannot accept returns of film that has had the backing sheet removed.

For full details of our return and refund policy, click here.

We send all orders via Express Post, regardless of location. This ensures that the tint is still freshly cut and hasn’t had time to develop a curl by the time you receive it.

We accept payment via PayPal.

Yes! You do not need a PayPal account to buy our tint kits. Simply click on the “PayPal” button and then select the option to pay with a credit or debit card.

Since the film is pre-cut to size, and we provide detailed instructions, you should find it straight-forward to install your window film. To achieve the best results possible, follow the instructions carefully, work indoors in a clean, dust-free environment and pay close attention to thoroughly cleaning your windows before application.

Along with your pre-cut window film, we also have available a selection of tools that help with the installation process. These are similar to the tools used by the best car window tint installers.

Yes, however, we recommend that you wait a day or two after the kit installation. We also suggest, for ongoing care, to perform a soft wash rather than a full-blast pressure cleaning.