Precision-Cut DIY Window Tint Kits

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Precision-Cut Car Window Tints

We have perfected our computer-cut window tint kits over 10 years. Originally our kits were for professional installers only, since they required on-the-glass adjustments achieve the perfect fit.

With the help of a newer high definition scanner and thousands of installations in our own tint shop we have perfected kits that require no trimming or on-the-vehicle adjustments – even the demister tab cutouts are exactly where you need them for a true peel-and-stick installation.

Precision tint kits with our computer cutter

The Best Window Films for DIY Installation

We offer the same choice of professional quality films from the leading window film manufacturers that we have been using instore for over 25 years.

DIY window film installation can be successfully achieved with fantastic cost savings by anyone that can clean glass and apply a sticker, as that is essentially what window tint is – a large transparent sticker.

Our $75 Carbon tint kit would normally cost around $250 installed by a competitive window tint shop, Our $95 ceramic coated IR film sells for around $350 and our $149 Infused in film ceramic film sells for $499+ 

DIY window tint installation is recommended only for Utes as their flat rear window does not require heat moulding (shrinking). We do have kits for sedan, hatch, and SUV’s but the installation usually requires the installer to be able to heat mould(shrink) the rear screen. This is an advanced technique so worth doing your research first (links to tint shrinking videos).