Tint Kits provides precision, computer-cut tint films pre-cut to suit your vehicle. We have over 30 years experience in the window tint industry. There’s hardly a car model in Australia that we haven’t tinted!

Tint Kits uses the latest in computer-cutting technology to deliver to you a set of pre-cut window tints that are perfectly sized to fit your vehicle. Along with the tint films for each window, you have access to detailed instructions, so you can fit your tint with confidence.

Having worked with all the major tint films in the industry, we only supply the best products for use in your car. Our tints will survive many years in the harsh Australian sun without bubbling, blistering, discolouring or fading.

All our tints come with a lifetime replacement warranty against adhesive failure (bubbling & blistering), discolouring & fading.