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Tinted House Windows Pros And Cons: An Easy Guide

Some homeowners are wary about window tint because it can be tricky to remove in case you need new curtains or furniture later on down the road. 

But there are many benefits to it as well! Window tints protect against sun damage which means they effectively combat fading, discoloration, warping and cracking – all things that affect most homes with time (especially if exposed for extended periods). 

It also helps reduce glare from natural sunlight. So if your workstation is near a large window, you’ll see more clearly without squinting at your computer screen.

This article will guide you through ALL the pros and cons of installing tints on your house windows!

Tinted House Windows: Pros

Tinted House Windows Pros And Cons
Less heat, less glare, more privacy!

Comfortable for the Eyes

You know that feeling when you can’t see a thing on your phone or laptop just because the glare from outside is stronger than your screenlight?

It’s annoying, we know! But tinted windows will deal with that. Depending on the tint’s VLT (Visible Light Transmitted) number, they will significantly cut down on the glare, making it so much more comfortable for the eyes.

Bye Bye to the UV

Everybody knows how harmful the sun’s UV rays are at the beach.

But they are equally harmful in your home too! With window tints, a whopping 99% of UV rays will be blocked out completely.

Not sure about you, but we can totally live with the remaining 1%!

That doesn’t mean you’ll be signing your own sentence to spend the rest of your life in the dark. Natural light (just enough of it!) will still be there, just without those harmful UV rays. 

Your Wallet Will Thank You

Besides dealing with UV, window tints also have a great track record in fighting Infrared!

This type of light won’t cause sunburns. But it’s the main culprit why your house is hot as an oven in summer.

While tints won’t completely eliminate the need to air condition your home, they will do a far better job than any set of curtains. 

They won’t pay for themselves in a month or two. But within a year or two, those savings add up and completely justify the investment.

More Privacy

Not all homes are tucked away outside of cities and busy streets.

So unless you live in a high-rise apartment, you could benefit from some privacy!

This will also be priceless for dog owners whose canines are often anxious or tend to get upset when they see strangers through the windows. If darker window tints are not enough, you could even consider frosted tints! They will smudge out whatever’s happening outside.

(For cat owners, window tints might not be such a good idea though. Cats LOVE staring through their window stands!)

Just like in your car, more privacy also means less chance to attract an opportunistic thief or burglar. If they can’t see through your windows, they will be less likely to want to break in.

You’ll Sleep Better

Street lights coming through your windows at night are not the best sleeping environment.

Sure, you can wear a sleep mask to combat the light. Or you can just tint the windows in your bedroom, and tint them dark.

Tinted Windows Are Easier to Clean

Cleaning windows is a tiresome business. Much less so if your windows have tints, though!

That’s because the surface of the film is very easy to wipe clean, even without a single drop of a cleaner. Here’s how to DIY your tinted window cleaning, on your house or car!

Home Window Tints: Cons

The awesome pros we outlined above don’t mean you should go ahead and put tints on all of your windows.

Check out the cons too before you do it!

Not Everyone Will Do It Right

Applying a tint on your windows sounds very easy.

Clean and dry your windows. Apply the film. Trim the excess film. Let it dry.

However, it does take a lot of experience to do it right. (And if you don’t get it right, you’re in for quite a bit of trouble in getting rid of the bad film and having another go at it!)

You need to be incredibly careful and meticulous all the way through. The glass needs to be absolutely spotless. The film needs to be applied without bubbles, wrinkles or overlaps. Finally, you need to be super precise while trimming the extra film when you’re done applying it.

However, that doesn’t mean you should back away and give up. If you’re not very confident about your DIY skills, drop us a note and we’ll hand-hold you throughout the process!

Turn up the Heat in Winter!

Window tints mean less air conditioning in winter.

However, since they let less Infrared light in, it will also mean your house will need more heating in winter.

On the bright side, the summer savings will outweigh the winter spending.

On an even brighter note, window tints provide some amount of insulation too. So when you heat up the home, the warmth won’t go away so easily.

Less Privacy at Night?

During the day, tinted windows contribute to your privacy. But overnight, they do the opposite!

To be perfectly honest, tints don’t make the inside of your house more visible to the outside view. But they can conjure up an optical illusion. When it’s dark outside with no external sources of light, you can’t see anything. But you may have this illusion that your room can’t be seen from outside either. Which is wrong!

Frequently Asked Questions on Tinted House Windows Pros and Cons

tinted house windows pros and cons
Tinting your sliding doors is also a great idea for the summer!

Does tinting your house windows reduce heat?

Yes, but only if you choose ceramic tint, which deals with UV and Infrared lights. However, if you choose the older carbon technology, it won’t reduce heat nearly as much.

How long does home tint last?

If your tint is good quality and installed well, you won’t need to worry about replacing it for another TWO decades!

Can you see through tinted house windows at night?

It depends on where you’re standing, and whether your lights are on or off! If you’re inside and your lights are off, you’ll be able to see a well-lit street. But if your lights are on, people will be able to see your room from outside.

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